Thérapie parodontale

NEW! Laser Periodontal Therapy 3000 lei/arch
Gingivectomy600 lei/tooth
Flap Debridment – FD with GTR – Guided Tissue Regeneration/hemi-arcade700 Euro
Flap Debridment – FD with GTR – Guided Tissue Regeneration/tooth (BioMaterials includded)600 - 2000 lei per tooth
CTG (Connective Tissue Graft)/hemi-arcade700 - 800 Euro
Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR)
Collagen resorbable membrane Bio-Gide (Geistlich, Switzerland)950 lei
Mucoderm (Botiss, Germania)1300 lei
Emdogain (Straumann, Switzerland)1400 lei
BioOss  (Geistlich, Switzerland) 0,5 g950 lei
MinerOss (BioHorizons, USA) 0,5 g1900 lei
Bio-Geistlich Mucograft (Geistlich, Elvetia)1500 lei
Phrenectomy900 lei
Antiseptic treatment periodontal maintenance 500 lei
Treatment with antibiotic for periodontal maintenance (includes 3 treatment sessions)500 lei
Clorhexidine Gel antiseptic periodonal maintenance120 lei
Laser therapy periodontal maintenance1000 lei/session